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BitZ will delist the CSPR6 trading market at 15:00 (UTC+8) on September 27, 2021. According to the unlocking rules, the CSPR6 held by the user will be unlocked as CSPR 6 times in 6 months, and the first unlocking time will be at 12:00 on September 28.

At the same time, CSPR6 holders will get 8% annualized income. Users can view the number of unlocked CSPR6 in the asset list. After CSPR6 is unlocked, users can trade in the CSPR market.

Note: Users who will unlock CSPR6 this time and enjoy annualized returns need to hold more than or equal to 1 CSPR.

 For example:

After the CSPR6 market transaction is closed, John holds 100 CSPR6, which is 8% per annum. After unlocking in batches for 6 months, John can get 100*(1+8%/2)=104 CSPRs, each unlocking 104 /6=17.33 CSPR.

Unlock calendar

Unlock Round

Unlock Time


Sept. 28th 2021


Oct. 28th 2021


Nov. 27th 2021


Dec. 27th 2021


Jua. 26th 2022


Feb. 25th 2022

BitZ team

Sept. 26th, 2021



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