Dear users,

BitZ will list NFT Gallery(NFG) soon and open NFT/USDT trading market. Details is as follows,

  1. Deposit: open (BSC)

  2. Trade: 14:00 Sept. 16th 2021 (UTC+8)

  3. Withdraw:  17:00 Sept. 16th 2021 (UTC+8)

Activity 1. Deposit NFG to Share 10,000,000 NFG

Event time: 14:00 Sept. 14th - 14:00 Sept. 19th (UTC+8)

Rules and rewards: 

During the event, the user's net deposit amount (deposit-withdraw0 is not less than 10,000 NFG, and 10,000,000 NFG can be shared according to the proportion of net deposit.

Activity 2. Trade NFG to Share 10,000,000 NFG

Event time: 14:00 Sept. 16th - 14:00 Sept. 21st (UTC+8)

Rules and rewards: 

During the event, users trade NFG, meet the minimum transaction amount and rank in the top 20, and can share 10,000,000 NFG rewards according to the ranking.


NFG Rewards

Minimum trading amount(USDT)

Top 1



Top 2



Top 3



Top 4



Top 5-10

Each 300,000


Top 11-20

Each 170,000


*Please note

  1.  Event rewards will be distributed within 3 days after the event ends, and users can check the notice from BitZ.

  2.  Net deposit amount = deposit-withdrawal, valid transaction = buy + sell, excluding account reversal.

  3. Users participating in this activity must complete level 2 KYC verification before the issue of rewards.

  4. During the event, if there is any fraudulent behavior such as malicious swiping, batch registration of trumpets, self-purchasing and self-selling, BitZ will strictly review and have the right to cancel participation qualifications and reclaim event rewards.

  5. All participating users are deemed to participate voluntarily. This activity does not constitute any investment advice.

  6. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to BitZ.

Warm TipWhen the new currency goes online, it is usually accompanied by relatively severe price fluctuations. Please assess the risks and participate in the transaction carefully.

Investment risk reminder: Cryptocurrency assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations. Bitz, as a neutral trading platform, is only established for the convenience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It does not assume any guarantee or compensation responsibility for the investment value of the currency. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make investment decisions prudently.

Thank you for your support!

BitZ team

Sept. 14th, 2021


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